Wish List

So….you’re thinking of buying me a gift…..thank you already. Here’s a list of things I really want. (I will try to keep it updated.) By the way: These are in no particular order. I just randomly put things down as I thought of them.

  1. masterclass.com annual pass.
    I love this site. It takes masters in their field and convonces them to teach classes. The one I really want to do is a directing class with Ron Howard.
  2. Fun for my Family (I love time with my kids)
    • New Orleans zoo membership for the family
    • Area 51 (trampoline park)
    • lasertag
    • skate galaxy
    • dairy queen
    • coffee call
    • LSU Basketball or Gymnastics tickets
  3. Something from thinkgeek.
    My Thinkgeek Wishlist
  4. Something From Amazon I have a wishlist there
    Click here to see amazon wish list
  5. Misc Help with a Bucket List Item air fair, trip packages, lessons, introductions, etc.
  6. Restaurant Gift Certificate I do like to eat and cooking on a weeknight sucks
    1. J. Alexander’s
    2. The Chimes
    3. Portobello’s
    4. Dempsey’s
    5. Texas de Brazil
  7. Barnes and Noble Gift Card I have a Nook and Love to read. This would allow me to buy a book (or two) on a whim.
  8. I love movies
    • Movie Tavern Gift Cards (food and movie)
    • AMC gift card
    • VuDu gift card
  9. LSU- Forever T-shirts Sweat-Shirts Sweat-Pants Hats etc.
  10. Wireless headphone system Allows you to hear your music without wires electronics store (Wal-Mart Radioshack etc)
  11. Edger attachment for my weedeater I have a split shaft Stihl ho brand wead-eater. this would make it an edger too. Hardware stores.
  12. Update my truck (2010 F150 crewcab)
    1. keyless entry for truck push button to go on door.
    2. see Amazon wish list
  13. Tickets to Disney World
  14. Health Club Membership.
  15. Jet Ski
  16. Ski Boat

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