Bucket List

Things/Places I want to do/see/visit before my time is up.




Become a Parent
(Maggie and now Mason)


2004.12.14 Margaret Ann “Maggie” Liner was born on December 12, 2004.  I have always heard people say that you could not describe what it was like.  Well, I can’t describe it. When I first looked into her eyes, my heart was no longer mine. I love her more that I ever thought possible and I love her mom even more now that she is “her mom.”
- May God Bless my family.
(PS every other thing on this list pales as of today, well almost see right below ;-)
Get married 2004 I have met and married the most amazing girl, Marja Davis.  She is strong, smart and beautiful.  We have so many dreams to share, and journeys to take.  I reminded of a quote from, “When Harry Met Sally,”  “When you finally figure out who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right now!”. 
  Take a cruise 2004.04.10 Took a five day cruise with Carnival to Cozumel.  It was really a blast.  Met people from all over the world and got a sun burn ;-)   (see pictures)
  Stand on the Eiffel Towers 2002 It was like a dream. 
See the Coliseum 2002 Like Tiger Stadium
See Notre Dame Paris 2002 WOW actually went to mass there
See the Berlin Wall 2002 I remember it falling when I was in High School
Take a long trip through Europe 2002 A dream trip that lasted 10 weeks
See Normandy beaches 2002 A whole new respect for those soldiers
see the Mediterranean 2002 Ok the water is as blue as you can imagine.  Florida beaches still beat the French Riveria, but the water can’t be beat.
Drive the Autobahn 2002 unfortunately it was in a Renault mini-van
Drive on the “wrong” side of the road in UK. 2002 Drove a rental across Ireland, from Dublin to Shannon.  Hardest part was shifting with the wrong hand.
See a real castle 2002 Tower of London, Neushanstein, and sorta Mont. St. Michel
Snorkel in Key West 2001 A little sea sick, but still cool. Really wanted to SCUBA.
  Go to Las Vegas 2001  Wow! What a city
See Hoover Dam and take the dam tour 2001 Amazing feat of engineering.

See Niagara Falls


Wow Beautiful

Visit Canada


Went to Toronto for ChemEd.

Go to Glorietta Baptist Conference Center 2000 God still speaks to me in mountains. (and beautiful girls ;-)

Visit Los Alamos National Laboratory


Birth Place of the Atomic Bomb.  I actually saw the letter Einstein wrote to Roosevelt.

  Ride a Harley 1999 I owned a Sportster for 2 years.  One of these days i will own one again.
Sky Dive 1998 I’ve gone 3 times total.  Once with a trainer and free fall and twice static line.
  Graduate college 1995 LSU
Visit Asia 1994 lived in Hong Kong for the summer.
  Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans 1994 a few times since.
go to Alaska 1992 summer interned there as a Petroleum Engineer.
  climb a rock face 1992 in Alaska I took a mountaineering class
  climb  a mountain 1992 in Alaska I took a mountaineering class
Go to Washington DC 1988 and 2003 Amazing history of my own country.
(see pictures)
  Go to New York 1988 First time. Plan to go back
See a Broadway Musical 1988 Les Miserable (saw it in NY, then NO later)
also saw “Lion King” in London and Phantom, The Producers and others in N.O.
  Visit Alaska 1992 Summer Internship
Cruise across the Atlantic
  Scuba Dive
  Scuba Dive in Australia
  Raft the Grand Canyon
  See the “Running of the Bulls”
  Stand on the North Pole (both of them)
  Visit South America
  Visit Australia
  visit Antarctica
  Visit every continent North America
AsiaSouth America
  Stand on the Great Wall of China
  go to the “tomatina” festival A big festival in Italy where the whole town gets into a food fight with tomatoes.
  Write my book A fantasy fiction book I keep saying I’m going to write.
  See carnival in Rio
  See the Panama Canal
  Visit Tokyo
See Victoria Falls
Visit Africa See animals in the wild.
  go to  Hawaii
  go to  Yellowstone National Park
Patent an Invention I’ve had several that someone beat me to.
  Drive a Ferrari
  Rebuild a 1968 Camarro 2012
  Get my masters/doctorate
  Pass into a new year in Times Square i.e. spend new years eve there and watch the baby drop.
  Be in Paris for Bastille Day
  Celebrate Independence day(July 4th) in DC
  Tour the Holy Land Walk where Jesus walked.
  Visit Greece
Be in a Hollywood film As an extra even.   But who knows maybe a speaking role.
Visit Chicago
  Visit Russia
  See the Earth from orbit. Dreams do come true.
Tour Alcatraz
  Visit the moon Even crazy dreams sometimes come true
See the Golden Gate Bridge
  Learn to Fly
  See the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
Buy a house  2005
  Learn to really play the guitar I’m trying to figure out how to measure this.
  Take a class in Chef’s school
Visit Graceland


* Some of these were on the list since before high school. Some were added after they were done because had I known how cool they were they would have been on the list.**  = done;    x = can’t be done (age limit whatever)


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