Fun Links

These are a few of my favorite links.
Some cool, some crazy, some just plain weird.
There in no particular order.


ZOMBO.COM Try it you’ll like it. Please, before you send me any wild internet claim, check here. The ultimate debunking sight.
Straight Dope Not “dope” per se. Just a question answer page. Kinda weird knowledge randomly put together.
How Stuff Works A really cool web sight that answers strange questions about how things work.
Duck Tape Club Duck Tape brand duct tape. Click on competitions and check out the Prom dresses made from duct tape.
Trebuchet You can buy ‘em. Get a T-Shirt. All kinds of stuff.
Office Playground Cool Stuff I “need” for my classroom.
Snow Flake Maker You can cut out your own Snowflake!



One Response to “Fun Links”

  1. Angela says:

    The snowflake maker is supercool. =D