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Posted By on January 27, 2010

While I was driving to the grocery store to get ice cream, because sometimes you just need ice cream, Maggie was talking in  the back seat.  This is not an unusual  occurrence. You see Maggie is a female, so she already has a larger daily word quota than me.  But, in addition to that, she’s five so everything is worth discussing.  I try to listen. I really do. But I’m tired and she’s getting her second wind.I hear her say something about dreams and prayers and for some reason that catches my attention.  I ask her to repeat and it plays out something like this.

Maggie: “Daddy, sometimes I pray to God that he will give me dreams of that day you made me a necklace.  Do you remember that day Daddy?”

Me: “No baby, I don’t think I’ve ever made you a necklace.”

Maggie: “uh, uh.  Remember, when I was three,  you made me a necklace and a crown out of the little white flowers. Then the hurricane blew them away.  I remember you said the flowers were lucky and that I looked just like a real princess with a crown *and* a necklace.  I remember I ran around the yard, but then the hurricane came and all the flowers were gone.  And, we got to light candles and tell stories, and watch the wind blow.  That was one of my favorite days.  I like to dream of that day.  Sometimes when I think I might dream bad dreams, I pray to God to let me dream of that day.  Don’t you remember that day, Daddy.”

Me: “I do now baby, and I doubt I’ll ever forget it now. I’m so glad that you remember it that way.”

Background story.

The background here is we had loaded up the family and driven to North Louisiana to avoid Hurricane Gustav. She was indeed three years old at that time and I do remember making the clover necklace with the clovers from Maw Maw Dot’s backyard.  We lit candles because the power went out.  I spent most of the time stressed about whether our house would be there when we got back and whether the hurricane hit us in hiding.  Whether the power would come back on, whether the trees would hit the house….

She remembers the flower necklace. Beautiful!

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