Are you Tired of Powerpoint?

Posted By on April 23, 2009

I think I may have found my powerpoint replacement.  It’s called and it’s a zooming presenter.

Some great features:

  1. It’s new (Students like new)
  2. You can set it up so that the entire presentation is visible at one time.
  3. The zooming (and panning) allows you to glimpse other parts as it pans.
  4. You can “hide” little surprises (by making them small)
  5. The interface works great with my activboard system.  It’s non-linear so I can just tap, drag or pgup to remind students of parts we’ve already covered.
  6. It’s very easy to share. All I do, is email the link to the file.

I plan to use it quite a bit next year.  I’ll let yah know how it works.

BTW: Try out the fully functioning presentation on electricity I gave below.  The buttons at the bottom right will (from left to right) “zoom out”, “full screen”, “go back” and “go forward”.  If you click and hold on the right two buttons you get more options.

[iframe 378 285]

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